Ambassadors program


The “Ambassador’s Program” is a program that offers incredible discounts for those who bring people to BRAINCOMS.

It’s simple! Regarding where you come from, you can choose between getting discount on your registration fee or on your travel expenses. By becoming an official ambassador, you help us promoting our event, while you pay less for coming and bringing your friends.

Pay attention, this program consists in two periods:

I.First period: Ambassadors must bring, at least, one presenter.

II.Second period: only listeners will be able to subscribe to the program.

Important information:

I. Ambassadors will only fully guarantee their place in the program by the time at least one of the participants brought by him/her pays his own congress’ fee.

II. The formal contact between ambassadors/interested ambassadors and the organizing committee must be through our public relations the e-mail (please read the guidelines in order to know exactly how to do it)

III. In order to be an ambassador, you must explicitly agree to follow all the terms established at our guidelines.

Full information about Edital Ambassador’s 2017

Click this link for the form you must fulfil if interessed.

This program will be available until October 12th !

And don’t forget: The more people you bring, the more discount you get!