Keynote Lectures’ 2018

BRAINCOMS is honoured to announce that this year we are going to have 3 amazing women to the congress. They will be talking about the stories of their lives and how they got where they are now. It’s time to show the world that there are powerful women in Medicine! Don’t miss the chance to listen to these incredible keynote speakers!!

Our first keynote speaker, Alexa Canady. She has an inspiring story of life and definitely she will motivate everyone in the audience. Professor Alexa is the first african american woman to become a neurosurgeon in the USA and will be talking about the tough path she had to go through to get where she is nowadays.

Mrs. Canady got her degree as a physician from University of Michigan and got her residency training in: Yale-New Haven Hospital, University of Minnesota and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania. Apart from this brilliant academic formation, Alexa Canady teached Neurosurgery in some universities; worked in administrative positions as chief of Neurosurgery from the Children’s Hospital of Michigan and as chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery in Wayne State; and took part in national organizations, such as FDA and Hydrocephalus Association.

Are you going to miss the incredible opportunity to meet Mrs. Alexa Canady?


Meet our second keynote speaker: Brandi Freeman. Graduated from University of Pennsylvania, our speaker made her residency in pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
Determined to help, Brandi Freeman works at Children’s Hospital of Colorado and teaches at University of Colorado. Her mission is to serve her patients in an inclusive way, always in favor of diversity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this incredible woman!

Elmi Muller is a South African specialist in transplant. She has been President of the Southern African Transplantation Society, who pioneered an organ transplant programme at Groote Schuur Hospital, in Cape Town, for HIVpositive patients using HIV positive donors.
Mrs. Muller also serves on the Executive committee of the Transplantation Society.

Don’t you want to know more about the story of her life?