Keynote Lectures’ 2018


Alexa Irene Canady (University of Michigan, U.S.A.)

Alexa is the first female African-American neurosurgeon in the USA. She specialized as a pediatric neurosurgeon and became professor at Wayne State University. Our keynote speake stands out as an example for those who face a challenging career path, and that’s why she’s going to talk about: “Breaking Boundaries in Life”.



Dr. Fidencio Saldana (Harvard Medical School, U.S.A)

Fidencio is a cardiologist graduated in Harvard Medical School. His committment with the medical education led him to be an award winning educator. Dr. Saldana strives to reach out to the underserved and his goal is to continue to mentor, teach, and be an advocate regarding issues in minority health. That’s why he’s going to talk about “Breaking Boundaries in Socioeconomics”.


Mariano E. Giménez (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Mariano is professor of Surgery, coordinator of the Board of Orientation Surgery, director of the Medical Career Specialist in Gastroenterological Surgery and Director of the University Center for Teaching, Assistance and Research in Minimal Invasive Surgery in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires. Head of the Division of Gastroenterological Surgery, Clinics Hospital José de San Martín, University of Buenos Aires and director of the fellowship program in DAICIM Foundation. And that’s why he’s going to talk about: “Breaking Boundaries in Science”.