Clinical cases discussion

Do you know the diagnosis? What is the best course of action? Are you prepared for possible complications?
Medicine, regardless of specialty, is a decision-making practice made with a certain degree of uncertainty, but based on a number of evidences that are intricately linked in a complex way. This ability to decide by looking at probabilities inside a complex scenario is what is called ‘clinical reasoning’. The learning of this pattern of thinking does not occur in a linear way, but only through practice that is repeated and supported by more experienced colleagues. The purpose of this workshop is to offer one more opportunity for this training, through the cooperation of physicians and specialists along with the other participants, looking for the solution of clinical cases taken as example.

Coordinator: Dr. Edson Fernandes de Farias; Dr Davi Jing Jue Liu

Vacancies: 12 (each day)
Language: English
Schedule: 19/09/2019 or 20/09/2019

Other professors: Davi Jing Jue Liu