EPM Welcomes

The EPM Welcomes program is an initiative from Escola Paulista de Medicina’s students to provide an accommodation for either foreign or Brazilian students coming from other countries/states/cities who are not willing to spend large amounts of money in hotels and have no place to stay. Your host will provide you a place to sleep, a bathroom and a simple, but fulfilling breakfast!

Regarding any expenses your host might have during your stay, there will be a tax of R$40,00 per DAY.

Once you choose to join the program, you shall be assigned to a student to be your host and you will need to sign a contract in the first day of the Congress agreeing to our terms.

All hosts are volunteers from EPM that accepted to shelter you in their homes. We are going to try our best to find someone whose profile will fit your language, gender, age and cultural preferences to give you a warm welcome.

The program will only be available until August 30th or until we have filled all the available vacancies.

We hope you embrace this idea and that your stay here in Brazil will be like no other!