New paradigms in psychiatry care: the integrative-care model of the EPM Institute of Mental Health

Mental ill-health is a major component of individual’s health and quality of life. A major mental disorder will affect  one in four people throughout her/his lifetime. In recent years, new treatments delivered in the context of integrative-care models and multidisciplinary teams resulted in better outcomes, focusing on patients’ recovery. The medical doctor, particularly the psychiatrist, plays a key role in this recovery process. It starts with the first clinical interview, formulating diagnostic hypotheses of psychiatric disorders and addressing other potential medical conditions related to those emotional and behavioral symptoms. Then, the appropriate  treatment is chosen, which will be delivered in distinct settings: psychiatric emergency room, inpatient clinic, intensive outpatient care (CAPS/day-hosptial) or outpatient clinic.

The aim of this workshop is to provide medical students a glance of the 1st-year resident routine and workflow by visiting the EPM Institute of Mental Health. This large facility is a cutting-edge integrative-care center in Sao Paulo. The workshop will begin with a 2 hour visit to all aforementioned clinical setting plus several subspecialty programs. Finally, we will have a brief 50 min seminar on the core elements of psychiatric interview and mental status examination followed by clinical discussion using real-life experiences from the previous  interactions with patients during the visit.

Coordinator: Prof. Pedro Pan
Vacancies: 20
Schedule: 19/09/2019