General Information

Please read carefully and follow the instructions (incomplete submissions will not be reviewed).

  1. All abstracts MUST be in English
  2. Abstracts should be submitted electronically using the “Submission os papers” tool, which can be found at the following website: https://doity.com.br/ix-braincoms-brazilian-international-congress-of-medical-students/artigos. Abstracts sent by e-mail will not be accepted.
  3. In order to submit an abstract, the presenting author must be REGISTERED AND MUST PARTICIPATE in the Congress (the certificates are printed with the name of the presenter as the main name. All the other names will be mentioned as co-authors).
  4. A presenter may submit a maximum of 2 papers. However, he/she may be listed as co-author on multiple papers.
  5. Original research abstracts will be accepted, as well as literature reviews, case reports and meta-analysis studies.
  6. Abstracts will be analysed by the Scientific Committee and by the Scientific Coordinators (composed by renowned professors of Escola Paulista de Medicina – Universidade Federal de São Paulo and many other universities), which will elect the best papers to be accepted.
  7. Presenting authors will be constantly updated about their abstract status (in process / accepted / rejected), as well as date and time of the presentation by email.
  8. If your abstract is accepted, it may be sent for poster or oral presentation. The 18 best evaluated abstracts will be selected to oral presentation and will not participate on the poster session. However, if you have been approved to oral presentation, you must also bring a poster so it can be exposed (not presented) in the poster sections during the congress.
  9. Abstracts are restricted to 4000 characters. Any information beyond the 4000 characters will not be sent to the Scientific Committee. Attention to the number of characters, otherwise your abstract may be sent incompletely. The abstract should be structured into the following sections:
  • Title
  • Author names (last surname followed by name. Example: Carvalho, J. J. – Unifesp)
  • Background (500 characters)
  • Objectives (500 characters)
  • Methods (1000 characters)
  • Results (1000 characters)
  • Discussion / Conclusion (1000 characters).

If you submitted a case report, take care about structural differences.

A case report should contains this following sections:

  • Title
  • Author name and institutions
  • Summary/Background (500 characters) 
  • Case presentation (500 characters) 
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic focus and assessment (1000 characters) 
  • Follow –up and outcomes (1000 characters) 
  • Discussion/Conclusion (1000 characters)
So, in our Submission System, you should write in these fields:
  • Title -> Title 
  • Author Name And Institutions -> Author Name And Institutions 
  • Summary/ Background -> Background Case
  • Presentation -> Objectives 
  • Diagnostic/Therapeutic Focus And Assessment -> Methods 
  • Follow-Up And Outcomes -> Results Discussion/Conclusion -> Discussion/Conclusion
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